Health - Beauty - Ayurveda Treatment for Parkinson’s disease in Hyderabad

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Published on August 3, 2016
Published by sandeep
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: Be Positive Ayurveda Hospital provides a comprehensive treatment for the Parkinson’s disease. Ayurveda  Nature gift to mankind offers effective and Safe treatment for the parkinsons disease.

Patient need to admit for 10 days for rejuvenation

Treatment includes kerala panchakarma therapies and proprietary Ayurveda medications

Patient can immediately notice the decrease in symptoms like tremors, weakness, constipation, Memory etc.  The first goal is to reduce the intake of syndopa medication and second goal is decrease in symptoms, third goal is stop the progression of disease.  Combination of Specific oil massages, Effective medication, excecies, diet modification can reduce Parkinsons disease by 80%.

Excellent treatment for parkinsons disease, don’t delay, start your therapy now and get excellent relief. Reserve your rooms today. Ayurvedic medication is best for the parkinsons disease. Shirodhara, Shiropichu, Brumhana Massages, Etc will help the parkinsons disease. Nerve cell damage in the brain causes dopamine levels to drop, leading to the symptoms of Parkinson's.

Address: be Positive Ayurvedic Hospital, Plot 6, Road 1, Doctors Colony,, Saroor nagar, Hyderabad-500035


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 8712400500, 9030949616




Andhra Pradesh

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